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You've purchased a session; now what?

It's Time to Get on the Calendar!

(And Avoid Those Cold Feet!)

Oh, You Want This SO Bad, But You're Hesitant To Take the Leap. Could This Be Why?

How hard could it truly be?


Selecting YOUR  date.

Booking that long-held dream you've been nurturing for months. Taking the first step and diving in. And one day soon, you'll proudly say, 'This time next year, I had my first life-changing shoot with Amber Desantis."

We tend to greatly overestimate the difficulty and vastly underestimate our own incredible potential. (No, I haven't fully embraced chakras, but I did summon the courage to attend a, well, Women's Wellness and Empowering Meetup for Rising Entrepreneurs. WHO AM I?  SEND HELP!)

Starting is ALWAYS the bump. My Bumps, my bumps, my bumps. It's the simplest thing to initiate, to start, and yet? Beginning signifies consequences. Starting means the ending of other comforts: a peaceful mind, a relaxed day, the ease that comes without demanding so much effort.


Starting Means Work

It signifies taking on the mantle of effort. It means being vulnerable for the sake of growth and learning. It entails embracing something new and unfamiliar. And it means your commitment to showing up, repeatedly—and I wholeheartedly recognize that this can feel like a lot to bear.

The truth is, most beginnings aren't that hard to start.

What's challenging is trusting yourself once you have.

Trust me.  I promise to have your back. Hand to the heavens.



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Welcome to the Body Love Schedulers' Club!


Now that you're officially part of the gang, let's set a date to have some serious fun! I can't wait to do a happy dance while telling you how fabulous your butt looks!

Just a heads-up, this fantastic deal is exclusively available for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday bookings. If you're itching for a weekend upgrade, shoot us an email at to make it happen. Don't wait; these dates will fly off the calendar.

Check out the awesome add-ons below to create your dream session, then lock in your date!

(Pro tip: scroll to the bottom for a detailed description of each available add-on.)

What happens After the shoot?

At your reveal, 1-2 weeks after your session, you’ll sit down with us to view your images and we will help you select your favorites for retouching! Remember that 3 Retouched Digital Images are included in your discounted session but you’ll have the opportunity to choose more at the package rates below:

$150/ Additional Image

$850 for 7 Additional Images (10 total)

$1,250 for 13 Additional Images (16 total)

Upgrade to an 18 image album or magazine starting at $1,495 or opt for a payment plan for your image/product package.

After your images are chosen you can expect them in your inbox 2-3 weeks after your session. Please plan on albums and magazines arriving 4-6 weeks after you approve the design.


You're on the Calendar!
It's time to pop the cork!

How to prepare:

It sounds silly but stretching a few days before will help you in the weird and crazy poses you'll have to hold for abnormal lengths of time. I'm serious, I get texts the day after shoots all the time from gals with super sore muscles! Didn't think you'd have to get your workout on did you?!

Drink lots of water the week of your shoot, it will help with detoxing and bloating plus leave you with a natural glow.  Load on the chap-stick the week of as well, it will help your lips stay plump and colored.

If it’s your thing, don't forget to paint those nails too. Red, pink or nude colors are all great options that can go with any wardrobe colors.

Hair and Makeup Details:

If you are having hair and makeup done by our stylist, please arrive to our Roswell studio at your scheduled time with DRY clean hair and face (if you want curls don't use a flat iron) at your scheduled session time ready to work with our stylist. After a quick wardrobe change you'll get a crash course on posing before finally making your debut in front of the camera. Plan on approximately 3-4 hours total at the studio. (An hour and a half in hair and makeup, 20 minutes shooting in each outfit plus wardrobe/accessory changing time.

If you booked a wardrobe consult:

Our wardrobe collection is EPIC. You could literally show up with nothing and we'd have you covered! But take some time to think about how you want to be photographed. What's important to you? If there's anything you would love to be photographed in please don't hesitate to bring it along.  Having more options is never, EVER a bad thing! Pack a suitcase and we will help style you.

If you didn’t book the consult plan to come with your 3 outfits already chosen ready to shoot! 

What to bring:


  1. Undergarments (Panties, bra, strapless bra, stockings, shapewear- nude is typically best but don't go get them. Simple black or white works too.)

  2. Heels/Dress shoes- Black goes with everything but if you're a shoe collector bring a few that you love and we will help you decide whats best for the outfits you choose. (Also, unless I'm shooting boudoir or pin up I almost never ever shoot feet, so no need to stress about this.)

  3. Jewelry that you love. Pack a little bag with a few favorites. If jewelry isn't your thing don't sweat it! I tend to focus more on YOU anyway :)

  4. Any photos of hair and makeup examples you want to share with your stylist.


So you just slayed your what?

Step 1:

 Choose your Retouched images at the Reveal following your session
Digital Image Packages

(3 Retouched Digital Images are included in your discounted session)

$150/ Additional Image

$850 for 7 Additional Images (10 total)

$1,250 for 13 Additional Images (16 total)


Upgrade to an 18 image album or magazine at checkout or during your image reveal on session day starting at $1,495 or opt for a payment plan to prepay for your image package.

After your images are chosen you can expect them in your inbox 2-3 weeks after your session. Please plan on albums and magazines arriving 4-6 weeks after you approve the design.

Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 2.40.21 PM.png
Woman's back

Step 2:

Remember the way you felt the day you fell in love...with yourself.

Design professionally printed products and prints from your own private gallery!

Crafted by our print partners and shipped directly to you! 

(This is just a preview of the products available in your online gallery so you can dream about what to get once you see how STUNNING you look in your proofs. Magazines and albums are ordered through our studio the day of your rveal but these products are available for order directly from your digital gallery and sent to. professional lab, so you're not sending your nudy pics to the kid behind the walgreens counter. You can order anytime after your retouched images appear in your gallery. 

Album samples

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Our studio is located at 595 E Crossville Road, Roswell Georgia, 30075. It's a brick shopping center located across the street from Stoney River Steakhouse on East Crossville rd. There is plenty of parking. The studio is located on the backside of the building, at the terrace level, Suite 500.

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