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Our studio is for EVERY body.

Lets talk about the art of observing ourselves.

Seeing ourselves is a relatively new phenomenon

In the history of human beings

We haven’t been able to perceive ourselves for longer than we have.

Photos, phones, hell-even mirrors are a relatively recent portion of human history.

So when it feels f*cking hard to observe yourself, 

Be gentle

We’re new to this.

And like all new things-

It gets easier with practice. It gets easier with intention.

It gets easier with time.

Observing ourselves is an art form-

It can be frustrating.

It can be hard.

It can be confronting.


It can also be liberating.

It can be freeing.

It can be healing.

Seeing your whole damn self is an experience that you deserve.

And our studio is for every body. It is for YOU.

Seeing yourself as the FULL version of yourself is an experience you deserve. 

So make space for observation.

But remember- it’s ok to be gentle.

We’re all learning how to human together. 

Every body deserves to celebrate their journey, and rewrite their body story. Every body deserves a renaissance of self liberation.
Our studio is for every body

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