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#1 Client Concern

Updated: May 23

You know what one of the number one things as an Atlanta Georgia Boudoir Photographer that I hear from clients that they are worried about? Their body. And it breaks my heart, but I can totally relate. I have been there too! But I have really come to believe that appreciating our bodies and where we are at, in that moment, is sooo important to our mental and emotional health. Can we just normalize that when you sit up your stomach will fold over and if you’re relaxed it will stick out?I can see when I’m just standing regularly (as opposed to posing) in bright sunlight, my butt and legs have dimples that are totally natural for me right now, even though I work out and lift weight several times a week.

Are you going to stop being friends with your BFF or value them less because their body moves and jiggles and looks different in some places when they move? I didn’t think so 😊

But we stop being friends with OURSELVES for this stuff. Over and over we judge and criticize, and it steals our ability to be present and happy in the moment, or wear a bikini in the summer and feel good.

I bet this is true for a lot of the relationships you have. They’re not shallow or based only on appearances. That’s because being attractive isn’t really about your appearance as much as it is about who and how you are.

My body, like any woman’s, goes through seasons of change. Sometimes it’s easy to meet the goal of getting stronger or leaner and other times it’s harder or NOT actually the goal. Other things can be the priority. Life isn’t about how you look in a bikini.

And yes of course it’s ok to care about your appearance; in my opinion that’s a self valuing action, because #selflove ❤️ but just remember that it’s just one small part of you. How you look (and feel most importantly) is a byproduct of how you take care of yourself and so much of that is about living a balanced, healthy lifestyle of nourishment, movement and self-loving thinking and actions. Your true, unique beauty shines through in everything you do and every part of who you are.

So my priority when you come in to see us for a boudoir photo session is that you feel like a Goddess when you leave. You get an amazing boudoir makeover photoshoot, yes, but you also get hyped up, cheered on, and appreciated for you where you are RIGHT NOW.



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