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Build your Own Session Add Ons

Your Session comes with Professional Hair and Makeup.

Nothing will boost your confidence like some time being pampered and glammed up with my makeup Artists Brianna, LaShay and Hlee! Sit back and relax while they lip and lash you into the ultimate hollywood glam. Plus it's such a great way to let go of those nerves before stepping in front of the lens. Please arrive with clean hair and face, ready to meet our incredibly talented artists, for your pampered makeover.

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Pre-Shoot Wardrobe Consult $100

Need access to our closet of gowns, Angel wings, or glam outfits and some help choosing outfits? Meet with Amber and get help selecting your 3 Favorite pieces from our closet and add angel wings, robes, red bottom heels and more.

Jen Madison-29_edited.jpg

Specialty Sets: Neon Dungeon $75

You've seen it, and you're curious. Everyone wants to go there, but no one can unless I give you the safety word.

Includes the famous Honey Birdette Swing!

Jen Madison-78.jpg

Specialty set: Tub w/Diamonds

Gorgeous cast iron tub with diamonds! Or not! I LOVE this set, and just need a little time to be sure all the details are picture perfect. Comes with a sparkly and gorgeous outfit, Taylor Swift Style!


Specialty Sets: Shower $75

One of my most popular and requested sets. So simple, yet so GORG!


Specialty Sets: Nudescape$75

You've seen it, and you're curious. Everyone wants to go there, but no one can unless I give you the safety word.


Specialty set: Sexy Couples $299

Let's document your relationship with a playful and sexy couples session! Snag your partner and let's get saucy! 

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Custom Naughty Magazine with 18 retouched images

Let's make them blush with their very own naughty magazine with You as the Centerfold. Ask us about filling up this page turner with images from your session. Imagine your partner's surprise when you gift them with a How-to guide to you and your body. We send you the articles and you fill in the blanks with ALL THE THINGS you want in the bedroom! They'll be surprised when they see the beautiful photos of you, but BLOWN away by the saucy words that accompany them, you Vixen!

Or select our Self- Love Magazine! This is the perfect Love Note to your future self, as a reminder of the way you fely on your session day, and affirmation that you are a powerful being. Document your body and connect with it in a whole new way! Let's celebrate who you are RIGHT NOW, and create a moment to revisit for years to come.

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Lux Albums with 18 images

HOT of the press! 

Imagine how exciting it is to open a gorgeous box with a beautiful, hand made custom album, especially when gifted to your special someone. Imagine their pulse quickening, their fingers fumbling to look inside at the HOT photos of YOU! What a thrill...  We will fill the pages with photos from your session to immortalize your inner goddess forever!

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