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On sale 

Valentine Vixen Sessions


Well, If you've made it this far, you're definitely in my FB VIP Group,

or follow me on another platform!

 So you know all about boudoir or have at least seen my boudoir photography. My boudoir sessions are incredibly empowering, uplifting, and affirming.

It's a whole BIG thing. You get pampered and cheered on and then we're instantly all friends and I get to show you off to the group and all the members gush over how gorgeous you are(or not if you’re a more private person! I never share without permission!).

Sounds amazing, right?

Here's the deal:

This sale includes everything a normal boudoir session includes.

  • Professional makeup

  • Hairstyling

  • Light snacks, refreshments (including champagne if you’d like! [it’s a breakfast food])

  • Expert posing direction

  • Help with outfit selections, including access to anything in the studio wardrobe

  • Professional image retouching and a full image reveal with your own slideshow ordering appointment.

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  • Normally my session fee is $349. This always includes everything listed about.

  • Digital images and printed products are purchased separately, at your image reveal and ordering session. For this sale, though, I’m knocking my session fee down to $99 to celebrate the day of love.


  • So, I pay for my session fee and then I pay for the photos separately?

  • Yes! I have a ton of different options for products including albums, folio boxes, glass boxes, wall art, and digitals, as well as some other items in my collections. My pricing starts at $800. Most people spend more and some spend several thousand!

  • Yes, this is an investment in yourself. Trust me, though, you will thank yourself for doing this! You must go over pricing before you book your session and if you have any questions on pricing or payments, I’m here to answer!

I'm so awkward, are you sure I can look sexy?

Hell yes! I cannot tell you how often I hear this! We are all a little awkward. Embrace it! I seriously just boss you around the entire time so you don't really have any opportunities to look awkward and if you do, it usually just results in a laughing fit and sometimes those are our favorite images! Trust me, I’ve photographed hundreds of women so I know how to bring the sexy out of E V E R Y self-proclaimed awkward babe!

What if I'm on a budget?

You're in luck! I offer payment plans a few different ways, including a new pre-payment plan! I also have a special incentive for those who choose to pre-pay: $100 OFF their total! Shoot me an email and I can send you more information on our new, improved process! I have a ton of ladies take advantage of my studio layaway plan. They will generally set their payments between $250-$350/month so they can pay off their order over a few months! 

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