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For Everyday Women

 Ever wondered what a photoshoot could do for your self-confidence?
Let me show you how this transformative experience can change the way you see yourself, inside and out. 


"The boost to your self-esteem is extraordinary!"
-Karen H

Curated for You


Why Boudoir?


💖 Honor your positive thoughts appreciating your body NO MATTER what.

💖Reject diet culture because numbers do NOT define you. EVER. 

💖You can NEVER lose your sexy, no matter what age you are! 

💖Your triumphs are not scale and size related. 

💖 This is your one and only life. Ask for what you want.

(And don't apologize for it).

💖Declare your presence and take up space unapologetically. You are enough. 

Daily to Diva


Amber Desantis Photography
Amber Desantis Photography

Our Boudoir Session Experience Includes:

💖 Professional Hair & Makeup!

💖Wardrobe Guidance!

💖3-5 Outfits!

💖Complete Posing Direction!

💖 Personalized Viewing & Ordering Appointment!

💖Your Luxury Shoot with Boudoir by Amber Desantis!


Miss T.
Stay at Home Mom

"Thank you for an amazing experience! From  beginning to end you walked us through it.


I did a boudoir shoot with the sexy couple shoot added on. All the emails Amber sent to prepare for the shoot were so detailed and very helpful in every way. She answered all my questions when I asked.


The day of the shoot her makeup artist did an amazing job. I felt so beautiful the entire day and received compliments on my makeup. This was my first time with a full face of makeup.


During the shoot Amber talked us through the whole process. I was so comfortable with Amber like as if I’ve known her for years. The best experience I ever had taking photos.


Amber did an absolute amazing job. I loved every second of this experience with her. 

Amber Desantis Photography

Miss G
Mom, Wife and Career woman

"You won’t find a more professional, talented, dedicated, amazing boudoir photographer in the Atlanta or surrounding area! 


My entire experience with Amber DeSantis, from start to finish, was absolutely stellar.


She was so easy to work with, she gave great tips and instructions to make sure I was totally prepared for my session, and made sure the actual session was not only comfortable but empowering and fun! 


The photographs were STUNNING! She is so amazingly gifted at what she does and LOVES what she does and it truly shows.


Amber can find the inner goddess in every woman and let it shine through if you will let her. She is simply the best! If you have been looking for a boudoir photographer, look no further. She’s the one!" 


Miss D

Well, I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time. I expressed to her how nervous I was as well as excited.


She immediately calmed my nerves. She responds to every text. She helps throughout the entire process. When I arrived for my appointment I felt like we had been friends forever and we were just catching up.

Her hair and makeup girl is the BOMB!


I went today to see my photos and WOW! Beautiful! I still can’t believe it was me! It was soooo hard to decide. She helps with this too. I can’t wait to do another session with Amber! Thank you soooo much for making me feel and realize that I am a beautiful woman. Please go see her if you want a beautiful boudoir memory. ❤️

gorgeous pink and white marble slab.jpg


"I'm blown away!I am not one to normally take photos, or even selfies, so I feel very proud that I did it."

"It was very easy and I felt very comfortable and relaxed."




"Literally one of the best experiences of my life."

"I was really nervous at first. Amber talked with me first, so by the time we got started, I wasn't nervous at all! I was really at ease, Amber is such a professional, and I really had a fun time!"

"My absolute favorite part was getting my pictures, seeing them for the first time. I look at my album a lot. I also have an app on my phone where I can look at them whenever I want to send them to whoever I want to, and it's just it's amazing. 



"Most of the people that see them are like, I can't believe that's you, and I think to myself, well, it is."

"I was super nervous about the way the photos would look and I was really excited about seeing them and when I did all of that fear, anxiety and everything just kind of melted away because they were absolutely gorgeous. And it's been so long since I had really felt like, like I had had it I guess, or you know, like you're still sexy."

"It was quite an amazing feeling and Amber made me feel really comfortable the entire time through my shoot, she walked me through the entire process. She helped me feel good about the outfits that I picked out. It was quite incredible!"


gorgeous pink and white marble slab.jpg


Seeing her images for the 1st time!

My clients are 100% every day women. They are wives, girlfriends, mothers, even grandmothers!
They are your local PTA moms, nurses, lawyers, teachers; these are evryday women who decided to gift themselves to so much more than a massage or a makeover.


boo.dwar {noun}

1. Unapologetically taking up space.
2. (Occasionally) outspoken.
3. (Often) brave.


Your self-love journey starts with a one-on-one chat. Have ideas on sets, wardrobe, and styling? I'll make sure that your vision becomes a reality. Or I can guide you towards a vision you can connect with and make your own. Once you are ready to move forward, booking is easy!  Once you're on the calendar, we will help you with where to shop and guide you towards your big day.


On session day, we will have the best girls' day with champagne, and your fav playlist. Our boudoir photo sessions have professional makeup (with lashes included) and hairstyling performed by our amazing HMU artist Brianna. Her expert makeup application will prepare you for the camera, highlight your best features and bring out your confidence. When you are camera-ready, I will walk you through how posing will work, and the direction and coaching I will give you. I'll hold your hand through the entire process.


You won’t need to worry about how to pose. I will direct you every step of the way- from head to toe and facial expressions. Time restrictions do not bind me-, because YOU are the only client we see that day, so it's all about you! Wear anything you like from the Client Closet, filled with luxury robes and lingerie, body jewelry, angel wings, and red bottom heels. I will work with you to make sure that you feel uplifted and empowered by your beauty and power as a woman. 


Your private viewing and ordering appointment will be scheduled within 2 weeks after your photoshoot. (If you’re coming from a distance, a remote appointment over Zoom can be arranged as well.) I will show you all your images fully retouched Magazine style, and go over all the product options. Our Boudoir studio offers the best quality fine art albums and handmade custom canvas art in the industry. You will have plenty of choices without the experience being overwhelming or pressuring in any way.  There is no minimum purchase required, so what you buy is entirely up to you. You only buy what you love!

Ready to talk? 

Pam -51.jpg

"This photo shoot was one of the best experiences of my life!! Seriously! I knew it was going to be empowering and that my husband was going to love the pictures, but everything exceeded my expectations! From hair and makeup to Amber’s expert posing and guidance. I could have never imagined how beautiful the pictures would be!

The best part was feeling sexy and powerful. I would not change anything. The experience was perfect!! I highly recommend this for every woman!

Thank you so much for everything!! Amber, you are amazing and so talented!!

Katherine D


Custom Albums  &Wall Art

We offer a luxury line of museum quality, handmade canvas for displaying your new art.



As a mom, wife, and working woman, I understand how hard it can be to feel confident, especially as we age. When I hit 50, I really struggled with my self-esteem and worth. I looked in the mirror and saw all the things I thought were wrong with me.

I realized that it wasn't about changing myself—it was about changing how I SAW myself.

Let's be clear here: we aren't making you beautiful—you already are.

What we are offering is a chance to have fun and indulge in a rare opportunity to dress up and embrace your inner glam!

Because every woman deserves to take up space, unapologetically.

Hey there, I'm Amber DeSantis, your boudoir and beauty portrait photographer based right here in Roswell, Georgia.

The radiant ladies gracing my website? They're not models—they're past clients, just like you and me. From grandmothers to moms, wives to best friends, I capture the beauty of real women at every stage of life.

In my world, this is the one and only life we get to live, and I'm all about protecting our energy, asking for what we want without apology, and embracing both the positive and negative thoughts we have about our bodies. I reject diet culture entirely because, to me, a number doesn't define anyone. Our triumphs? They're not scale and size-related—they're about owning our victories, big or small.

Join me on this mission to #ExistInPhotos and celebrate the beauty and strength of every individual, exactly as they are.

  • Published Photographer-Shoutout Atlanta

  • Full-time Professional & Insured

  • Former Photography & Video Educator

  • Mom of 2 grown girls

  • Dog Mom of 3 



Love yourself first and everything else falls into line


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Let's Talk

Located in Roswell at:

595 East Crossville Rd.Roswell Ga,30075  |  Tel: 770-549-7841

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I don't look like a model. Do you work with everyday women?

At our studio, we specialize in working with everyday, normal women. The photographs featured on our website are all real clients who have trusted us to capture their unique beauty, It's not about achieving perfection, but rather celebrating the beauty of being imperfect.



I don't know how to pose. Will you coach me during a session?

Absolutely! No need to fret. Our photographer, Amber, boasts over 5+ years of expertise in guiding women through boudoir sessions, having completed hundreds of successful shoots. Rest assured, you'll always be positioned in the most flattering light. Amber will personally demonstrate each pose and, with your consent, offer gentle adjustments to hands, hair, and more to ensure your comfort and confidence. Our priority is your relaxation and ease throughout the session, guaranteeing you walk away with stunning, authentic images that truly reflect your unique beauty.



I'm a plus-size woman—should I lose some weight before my shoot?

No, you're stunning just the way you are! At our studio, we celebrate the beauty of all body types. Our photographer, Amber, is highly experienced in working with women of every shape and size, including those who are curvy or plus-size. Your size doesn't dictate the quality of your photoshoot. Amber knows precisely how to highlight your curves and accentuate your best features while ensuring you feel comfortable and confident throughout the session. Our aim is to capture your genuine beauty, just as you are—because you're already perfect



What should I wear on my boudoir photo session?

When you book your boudoir experience with Boudoir by Amber DeSantis Photography, we've got you covered! You'll enjoy a complimentary wardrobe consultation to ensure you look and feel absolutely fabulous during your shoot. We'll give you personalized guidance on where to shop, what styles flatter your body type, and how to put together stunning outfits. Plus, you'll have access to our Closet, stocked with curated accessories perfect for boudoir photography. Feel free to share outfit ideas you're considering or create a Pinterest board for inspiration—we love collaborating with you! Your Boudoir Experience includes 4 complimentary outfit changes, but you're welcome to bring even more options if you like. Rest assured, when your session rolls around, you'll feel prepared and confident in your wardrobe choices. We understand the importance of feeling comfortable and empowered in what you wear, and we're here to make sure you shine!



Will my photos be on your website? 

At our studio, we deeply value your privacy, so while I'd love to feature the gorgeous images I capture of our clients to inspire other women, I do so only with your explicit consent. Before sharing any images, I require a signed Model Release form from you.  Some clients enthusiastically grant full discretion to choose and post images, while others prefer to personally select which ones are shared. Either way, I'm committed to working closely with you to ensure your privacy preferences are respected at all times. 



Where will my Boudoir session take place?

Your Boudoir session will unfold in my lavish and chic studio, nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Roswell. Designed exclusively for boudoir and portrait photography, this gorgeous studio boasts multiple sets adorned with diverse backdrops and props, allowing a collaborative process for your vision. To enhance your experience, our skilled hair and makeup artists will be on-site, dedicated to ensuring you radiate confidence and allure throughout your session. Get ready to indulge in a pampering experience where every detail is tailored to showcase your unique beauty

Amber Desantis 
Photography Studio

Find us in the heart of Roswell

Our Boudoir studio is located in Roswell,  right off of Highway 9, Crossville rd, and Mansell Rd.

595 East Crossville Rd Roswell Ga 30075

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